We Believe Mental Wellness Is A Right, Not A Privilege.

There has been a significant mental health professional shortage for decades that is leaving many with improper care. Inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and lost intervention opportunities can limit the quality of care received, cause long wait times, or leave people without care at all. 


Inward Strong was founded by awarded Clinicians and experts in the field of mental health and addiction, who made it their mission to make care accessible to all who want it. Inward Strong's wellness system has been tested, peer-reviewed, awarded, and professionally recognized.  

Our Story

 Our Why  

The concept for Inward Strong (formerly Life Recovery Program) was created by our founder Paul Radkowski, a clinician who spent time working in the Northwest Territories. It was here where he observed, first-hand, how treatment barriers increase illness and early death. His idea was that, if you could not bring someone to resources like a counsellor, agency or other helpful option, then you should bring the resources to them.


With a return to his psychotherapy practice in Waterloo, Ontario, together with our co-founder Moneque Peats they began to design their wellness syetsem under the name Life Recovery Program, which has since gone on to receive multiple awards and gain impressive recognition. More importantly, the wellness syestem  has served thousands of individuals and families, and has helped save jobs, relationships and lives. 


Today, with the support of a team that is passionate about mental health and technology, we are building upon this passion project to make self-directed mental health care support available through third-party health and wellness professionals, and to get mental fitness building programs into organizations, big and small. To stay true to Paul and Monique's original vision, we have also launched our not-for-profit, BIS (Be Inward Strong). Our collective mission is to make mental health therapy and support accessible to anyone who needs it.


We strive to be the community where charities, outreach organizations and companies that support mental health - and breaking the stigma around it - can easily leverage each other to make the most impact.

 Meet Our Leadership