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Your online 24/7 mental health support partner

Inward Strong makes it painless for clinicians to provide comprehensive, self-directed care, so they can maximize their reach and revenue.

Demand for mental health care has never been higher and Clinicians are burning out.

For too long clinicians like you, have had their practice limited by session weight load. Inward Strong helps Health and Wellness Professionals maximize revenue, extend client/patient care, and grow their practice's reach - with no interference to their day-to-day business.

We support you, so that you can focus on one-to-one care, while also providing off-hour and remote support to: 

  • Individuals on your waiting list.

  • Past clients. 

  • People with friends/family struggling.

  • Website visitors not ready to commit.

  • Active clients between sessions.

Our digital therapeutics are effective & follow clinical best practices

 How It Works

 Step #1     Plugin our professionally awarded and recognized mental wellness system into your website.

 Step #2    Start offering self-directed, evidence-based digital therapeutics and interactive video sessions.

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Your Practice's branded client portal provides each individual with a personalized pathway that delivers general mental fitness, care for individuals that are struggling, or guidance for those supporting others.


 Care Pathway 

We use automated smart assessments to provide each Member with a care pathway that is made up of evidence-based pre-recorded clinician-guided video sessions, interactive techniques, progress check-ins, assessments, and more. 

Do you have your own videos, podcasts, talks, or webinars? Privately share them with your network.

 No Wait Time 

Individuals can register on desktop or mobile in under 5 minutes. Our intake assessment is quick, anonymous, and self-directed. Access is immediate and available day or night 24/7. 

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Anger Management 


Our programs were created by expert clinicians, however, our smart tech delivers custom ongoing support and resources tailored to each individuals needs without them needing to interact with a therapist within our platform. 

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 Social Giveback 

​Users earn Tokens of Gratitude™ each time they better their mental fitness, health, or knowledge. Tokens gift mental health care to those in need.

 Analytic Reports 

Take mental health snapshots to keep a pulse on your client/patient network.

Individual platform use and mental health tracking is anonymized and can only be shared with you by an individual themselves. 

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 We've been awarded and recognized 

Best Health Technology Innovator Award (McMaster University)

Outstanding Service in Mental Health (OAMHP/OACCPP)

Outstanding Contributions in Addiction (ACA)

80% of users report reduced symptoms and significant improvement in coping (CAMH)

Inward Strong (Formerly 'Life Recovery Program')