• Paul Radkowski

Neurolymphatic Reflex Exercise

Before beginning this exercise, find a quiet place where you can feel relaxed without any distractions. This quiet place can be a specific location or any place where you feel calm.

If, at times, you feel distracted during this exercise, don’t be hard on yourself. This isn’t a competition. Instead, focus on your breathing and gently shift your attention.

Start by closing your eyes or focus on something like the flame of a candle. Now breathe slowly and deeply…

In through your nose, with your tongue pressed up against the roof of your mouth, then out through your mouth, with the tip of your tongue pressed downward, just beneath your bottom front teeth, which activates your pressure points (acupoints).

Press the fingers of each hand gently on the Neurolymphatic Reflex point just below your collarbone.

Reflex point is the area you’re looking for is the tender spot on either side of your chest below your collarbone. This spot activates movement and drainage of toxic or negative energy in the lymph system and results in the rebalancing of your body’s emotional system.

Cross your forearms over each other, like an “X”, and gently massage both NLR points on your chest. Continue to gently massage this area and repeat the following phrase (you may want to memorize this affirmation so that you can use it anytime):

Even though I’m struggling with (name a problem, an issue, or activity that you worry about or are hesitant to participate in), I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I honour and respect myself. I forgive myself for having this difficulty and release everyone and everything that may have contributed to this problem.

Alternatively, if it feels more comfortable, you can instead say:

Even though I’m struggling with (fill in the blank), I’m learning to accept myself. I’m being gentle with myself. I’m learning to release myself from anything or anyone around me that might have contributed to this problem.

Next, breathe deeply and continue to gently massage your NLR points and repeat your statement two or three times. Notice how this feels.

The total time for this exercise is one (1) minute. This exercise can be used for any issue, including depression, anxiety, cravings, or something that you’re fearful of doing.