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Pushed by Pain & Pulled by Intention

Create a plan towards transforming yourself.Use this process to assist you in rebalancing your thoughts and feelings while setting sustainable wellness goals.

The first part of this exercise “Pushed by Pain”, is a journaling exercise designed to help you examine and process painful memories, thoughts or even current situations that are “pushing” you toward a need for a healthier life.

Making the decision to change your life is easy. Making changes in your life is difficult unless you’ve taken time to explore the basic principles and purposes by which you want to live.

Life-changing experiences, like the death of a loved one or a spiritual awakening, result in us facing the definitive issues that put life into focus and give us a sense of direction.

Without a sense of purpose, what’s the point of a long life? Self-improvement is not an end in and of itself; neither is wellness. It has been said that "well" people are “will-to-do” (aka: they are proactive and not afraid to take action).


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