• Paul Radkowski

The Closure Letter

The Closure Letter (or empty chair) is an impactful way of getting closure from a past hurtful or unhealthy relationship.

In this writing exercise, you will express your thoughts and feelings as if you were writing or speaking to a specific person. This person can be dead or alive, and even though you are not going to send this exact letter, or may not have the opportunity to say what you are channeling, you direct your words to them and imagine that person is hearing you.

It might feel strange to do this, however, the response people have after doing this exercise is one of relief, closure, and the feeling that they’ve “had a heavyweight lifted from them”. Some of my clients find closure after completing this technique just once and others go home and practice this technique a

few more times at home.

Remember healing is a personal process.

Write your private Closure Letter.

This letter is not saved or stored, this is your safe place to process your thoughts.