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5-Week Mental Fitness & Mindfulness Challenge 🧠🎯

Boost your Mental Fitness by adding mindfulness habits into your daily life. 🧘‍♂️ As in life, some days you only need a minute of mindfulness, while others might require more. This 5-week challenge will help you build the habit of creating shorter and longer periods of space for your thoughts. Give yourself the gift of self-reflection, gratitude, and perspective building. Each day you'll experience the power of quick daily mindfulness prompts, and on the 1st and 4th day of each week our expert therapists will guide you through best practices and processing techniques, giving you the tools to conquer daily stress and mental challenges. You'll gain more control over your thoughts, clear out the mental noise, and break free from being stuck. Ready to be Inward Strong? Don't wait, click to start your mindfulness adventure today! 💪🌈🚀




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Inward Strong  is NOT an emergency or crisis service. If you are in crisis, these resources can provide immediate help.

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