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Feeling stressed, anxious, low or stuck?

Life's challenges, whether from work, family, sleep, or health, can feel overwhelming. Inward Strong provides information, guidance, and therapeutic techniques to help you regain control, alleviate stress, and acquire skills to boost your mood and break free from unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

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Build mental resilience

Manage stress & anxiety

Improving relationships

Cope with trauma/PTSD  

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iCBT can yield outcomes better than traditional therapy for people with mild-to-moderate mental health issues – 95% of people fall into this category. 

Your Mental Health Matters

This program offers anonymity (no personal information required), complete digital accessibility, and round-the-clock availability. Care pathways are personalized based on your goals, challenges, and common co-occurring issues, ensuring a holistic approach to cognitive-behavioral health and mental fitness. The primary challenges we explore include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship issues, phobias, and addiction.

When you begin your mental health and fitness journey with us, you'll gain the tools to identify specific challenges in your daily life. Uncover unproductive thought patterns and understand their impact. Learn to identify and reshape negative thinking, altering how you feel in the process. Embrace new behaviors and apply them in real-life situations.

Evidence-Based & Effective

Rooted in proven psychotherapeutic techniques, our platform addresses a wide array of mental health issues. With 80% of users reporting reduced symptoms (CAMH), Inward Strong is not just a tool but a transformative force in mental health care, crucial for preventing the escalation of mental health conditions.

No Waiting List

Inward Strong offers a scalable solution to the therapist shortage, providing immediate and reliable support that supplements traditional care methods. Our platform ensures that despite the scarcity of available therapists, from pre-therapy exploration to post-therapy assistance, individuals can still receive high-quality mental health support.

Who's It For?

  • People with mild-to-moderate mental health challenges.

  • Individuals aiming to enhance their mental fitness.

  • Those providing support to others facing difficulties.

  • Individuals in therapy who want supplementary support.

  • People on a therapy waitlist seeking immediate support.

80% of users report reduced symptoms and significant improvement in coping (CAMH)

Outstanding Contributions in Addiction (The American Counseling Association)

Outstanding Service in Mental Health (Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals)

Best Health Technology

Innovator Award


We Help People Live Happier

Thanks for all your help and support. The tools that you taught me will stick with me always!
- Candice

Our Story

Inward Strong is more than a platform; it's a movement towards making mental health care a right, not a privilege. Through innovation and compassion, we aim to support individuals in their mental health journey, enhance the capacity of mental health care providers, and contribute to a healthier, more resilient society.


Clinician Paul Radkowski witnesses the devastating impact of limited mental health and addiction services in the Northwest Territories firsthand. Motivated by this dire need, he endeavors to create a program that brings evidence-based resources from the frontline online, offering accessibility to anyone in need.


Upon returning to his practice in Waterloo, Ontario, clinician Paul Radkowski, alongside fellow clinician Monique Peats, embarked on designing and co-founding the Life Recovery Program. This wellness system aims to provide remote support and care for individuals grappling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.


LRP-Inward Strong has garnered numerous awards and earned significant recognition. It has been court-mandated in both the US and Canada. Most importantly, this wellness system has positively impacted thousands of individuals and families, contributing to the preservation of jobs, relationships, and lives.


A newly revitalized platform and wellness system, centered on enhancing mental fitness, psychological capital, and aiding individuals with mild-to-moderate mental health concerns, is introduced under the name Inward Strong.

The Program Creators

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The Inward Strong wellness system was founded by Paul Radkowski and Monique Peats, seasoned psychotherapists, subject matter expert authors, and professional speakers, boasting over 55 years of collective experience.

"Our motivation stemmed from witnessing too many individuals suffering due to a lack of access to therapy and the gaps within the system. With a longstanding therapist shortage and many regions lacking sufficient care, we felt compelled to develop a platform accessible to everyone, round-the-clock."

Our Wellness System comprises a comprehensive set of evidence-based therapies and techniques delivered digitally and through video, addressing a broad range of mental health afflictions while also providing effective preventative and proactive mental fitness resources.

The award-winning system has been tested, peer-reviewed, or professionally recognized by McMaster University, CAMH, Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals, American Counselling Association, EENet magazine, and SPARK magazine.


Start your journey to becoming more Inwardly Strong

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