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Mental Wellness Is a Right, Not a Privilege

Most mental health challenges can be treated with evidence-based tools and techniques. 

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Personalized care pathways deliver evidence-based mental fitness, care for individuals that are struggling, guidance for those supporting others, and psychoeducation.

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Our programs were created by expert clinicians, however, our smart tech delivers custom ongoing support and resources tailored to your needs without you needing to interact with a therapist. 

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Our intake assessment is quick, anonymous, and self-directed. Access is immediate and available day or night 24/7. 

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Anger Management 

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​Earn Tokens of Gratitude each time you better your mental fitness, health, or knowledge. Tokens gift mental health care to those in need.

 We've been awarded and recognized 

Best Health Technology Innovator Award (McMaster University)

Outstanding Service in Mental Health (OAMHP/OACCPP)

Outstanding Contributions in Addiction (ACA)

80% of users report reduced symptoms and significant improvement in coping (CAMH)

Inward Strong (Formerly 'Life Recovery Program')

Inward Strong is not an emergency or crisis service. If you are in crisis, you should call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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