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Feeling stressed, anxious, low or stuck?

NAMI PC has Partnered with Be Inward Strong and joined the Mission to make Mental Wellness a Right, Not a Privilege. Inward Strong is an anonymous, video-based program designed by clinicians to make mental health support, resources, and preventative mental fitness tools available anytime, anywhere.

The pre-recorded video modules and interactive techniques will coach, educate and help you explore issues including Stress & Anxiety; Depression; Anger Management; Trauma/PTSD; Addiction; Healthy Relationships; Life Balance; and Supporting Others. You'll gain the tools to identify specific challenges in your daily life. Uncover unproductive thought patterns and understand their impact. Learn to identify and reshape negative thinking, altering how you feel in the process. 


Join the Mission. Inward Strong is a community of individuals and organizations striving for mental wellness for all. Each time you use the platform you'll earn Tokens of Gratitude™ that gift access to mental health support to at-risk communities. 

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Digital Therapeutics & Techniques

Learn how your thoughts “mental noise” and negativity bias can create stress, and impact your mental fitness, health and life.

My Pathway
As you move through digitally guided modules you'll watch therapist-guided video sessions, practise techniques and take assignments to help you learn, develop and practice new skills to build your mental fitness, resilience and mental health. 

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Supporting Others

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Practice evidenced-based coping techniques used by clinicians. 


Often, when we have a thought, feeling, or sensation, we may find ourselves strongly identifying with it...     

Cognitive Defusion

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Writing therapy can help you with personal growth, practice creative expression, and feel a sense of...      

The Power of Writing Therapy

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Create a plan to move you towards self-transformation. Use this process to assist you in rebalancing your thoughts...

Pushed by Pain Pulled by Intention


If you tend to be more critical and harder on yourself than you are with others, give this quick 5-minute exercise a try. 


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Inward Strong is not an emergency or crisis service. If you are in crisis, don't use this site.  These resources can provide immediate help.

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