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Feeling Stressed, Anxious, Irritable, or Low?

Boost your mental fitness and resilience. Inward Strong is your video-guided mental wellness coach, providing anonymous 24/7 access to clinician-delivered therapeutic guidance and coping techniques.

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Build mental resilience

Manage stress & anxiety

Improving relationships

Cope with trauma/PTSD  

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Don't Wait Until You Break

Proactively building mental fitness at the early onset of a mental health challenge (stress, anxiety, relationship struggle, addictive behaviour, following a traumatic event) can reduce the development of severe mental health disorders and associated physical illnesses. 
Inward Strong is an award-winning digital wellness system. Our Program helps to support your mental well-being 24/7 by delivering immediate and anonymous access to therapeutic videos, interactive techniques, and more. Whether you're in therapy and looking for additional tools, or are here to proactively build mental fitness - we are here for you.  

More than a platform, our Community is a beacon of positive change. Individuals like you, although anonymous, accumulate Tokens of Gratitude™ each time you engage with the platform to boost your Mental Wellness. Tokens are used to extend program access to those in need through our Sisster not-for-profit BIS.

Awarded & Recognized 

Best Health Technology Innovator Award (McMaster University)

Outstanding Service in Mental Health (OAMHP/OACCPP)

Outstanding Contributions in Addiction (ACA)

80% of users report reduced symptoms and significant improvement in coping (CAMH)


We Help People Live Happier

Thanks for all your help and support. The tools that you taught me will stick with me always!
- Candice

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Improve your resiliency, confidence & relationships.

  • Anonymous.

  • Affordable.

  • Available 24/7.

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